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Help for ordering online: 

  1. The shipping address is your delivery address.  Please use a cell phone number or a local contact number for the phone in the shipping section.  If you know the name of your Realtor Company, enter it in the company name spot. (this is not mandatory)
  2. The quantity you need is entered after you add an item to your cart.
  3. When ordering for two weeks, select item with 1st week and quantity needed, then repeat entering the second week. 
  4. Venmo orders are processed manually  the week before your delivery and will not be charged when you order. 


  • We accept Visa, MasterCard and Debit cards via Venmo Cash, and Checks ... We DO NOT ACCEPT AMEX.
  • A Credit Card number must be on file by Away Wee Go,  for all orders as a security deposit.
  • Order by phone using above number
  • Order by sending a detailed awayweego2ri@gmail.com
  • Order through this website!
    • Pay by Credit Card  or
    • Print order before entering credit card info and send in a check or
    • Print order before entering credit card info and call us
  • A Liability Waiver and Rental Agreement must be read and agreed to prior to receiving any rental item. LW_and_RA.pdf
  • We do offer discounts for families with multiples or ordering more than one of the same item.  Call for information and discount codes.

 Delivery and Pick Up Guidelines

  • Orders placed with less than 36 hours notice are subject to a 25% surcharge for cribs and a 10% surcharge for all other items.  This charge will not show when ordering online but will be added manually in our office.
  • Deliveries & Pick Ups are seven days a week at pre-arranged times. When possible deliveries will be made before your arrival, if not, deliveries are typically scheduled a day or two in advance, and a pick up time will be scheduled at the end of your visit. During the summer months, Away Wee Go does its best to have all cribs delivered between 2:00pm & 7:00pm on Saturdays.  Please be mindful that we can not hurry the proper assembly of your crib or anyone elses.  We have multiple delivery routes to assure all cribs are delivered by 7:00pm.  We start our routes at 7:00am the following Saturday.
  • Reasonable wear and tear is to be expected.   We will break down all equipment, then clean & sanitize everything upon return but we do ask that you remove crumbs, Cheerio's, sand, and related debris from all rental items.  Please be aware that items which are exceptionally dirty, missing parts, or damaged may require renter to pay an extra charge. 
  • Linens and towels should be placed outside in provided laundry bag for pick up by 10am unless other arrangements have been made.
  • We are very understanding that most of our customers are traveling with or hosting infants or toddlers that have unexpected situations that may arise where you would need to cancel your order at the last minute. 
  • Please give us as much advance notice as possible if you need to cancel or end your stay sooner than expected. In the event you need to return baby gear early, you will receive a reasonable refund. 
  • No shows are responsible for 100% of their order.
  • Perhaps you are having a great time and are staying longer! Or Grandma needs a few more days of family time. Please call as soon as possible to make extension arrangements as your equipment may be needed for another reservation.
Car Seat Notice
  • Car seats are to be installed by the renter only. Away Wee Go does not install car seats. You will receive detailed instructions from the owner’s manual and be provided with a list of local car seat inspection stations. 
  • Because of the safety issues involved with car seats, if you have any issues, problems, or are involved in a motor vehicle accident, please contact Away Wee Go immediately so a replacement seat may be delivered ASAP.



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